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Aluminum sulfate

Aluminum Sulfate



The chemical compound ammonium sulfate is primarily used in fertilizers but is important in other industries as well. While it isn’t considered highly hazardous to humans

Ammonium sulfate, also called diammonium sulfate or sulfuric acid diammonium salt, is a white crystalline solid with no smell. It tastes salty. The compound dissolves easily in water but will not dissolve in alcohol or acetone. It readily absorbs water, so if it’s exposed to moist air, it will “scab” on the damp surfaces. When ammonium sulfate reacts with alkaline substances, it gives off ammonia gas. Finally, ammonium sulfate is a fertilizer that’s sometimes used in making homemade explosives.


Aluminum Sulfate Packing


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Aluminum Sulfate use for


Aluminum sulfate has many different uses in day-to-day life, as well as being used in several essential industries.

Interesting uses of aluminum-sulfate around the house are in gardening. Because aluminum-sulfate is extremely acidic, it’s sometimes added to very alkaline soils to balance the pH for plants. When the aluminum-sulfate comes into contact with water, it forms aluminum hydroxide and a much diluted sulfuric acid solution, which alters the soil acidity.

All levels of crude aluminum-sulfate can be used for water purification and water treatment ; aluminum-sulfate used for purification cannot be produced by waste acid toxic substances.


Aluminum Sulfate Formula


Formula: Al2(SO4)3

Molar mass: 342.15 g/mol

IUPAC ID: Aluminum sulfate

Melting point: 770 °C

Density: 2.67 g/cm³

Soluble in: Water

Classification: Alum compounds

  1. Industrial sulfonic acid.
  2. Laboratory sulfonic acid.

Molecular formula: .HSO3R

Purity: sulfonic acid

Appearance: pale gray powder



Chemical name: sulfonic acid. Names synonymous with sulfonic acid: sulfanilic acid, Sequence – amino benzene sulfonic acid followed – amino phenyl sulfonic acid, 4 – amino benzene sulfonic acid, aniline – Discover – sulfonic acid, aniline-4- sulfonic acid


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