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Carbon Black

Carbon Black [C.A.S.NO. 1333-86-4] is virtually pure elemental carbon in the form of colloidal particles that are produced by incomplete combustion or thermal decompo sitionof gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons under controlled conditions. Its physical appearance is that of a black, finely divided pellet or powder Its use in tires, rubber and plastic products printing inks and coatings is related to properties of specific surface area particle size and structure, conductivity and color. Carbon black is also in the top 50 industrial chemicals manufactured worldwide based on annual tonnage

Hard Grades

(N-220, N-234, N-326, N-330, N-339, N-375, N-347)

1-Gives high wear-resistance, high resistance to rupture, tear resistance to rubber, high dynamic hardness and elastic

2-rebound to rubber, high durability, and low hysteresis Widely used for producing high quality protecting rubbers and protecting stocks, transporter and conveyor belts, breaker rubber, technical seals, cable covers. It is also used for producing high quality rubber molded articles working inhard conditions

Soft Grades

(N-550, N-660, N-772, N-774)

1-Gives high elasticity to rubber, middle hardness

2-Has high ability for filling and high profiling properties

3-Widely used for producing tires, tubes, sleeves, profiling articles, technical seals, molded articles, roof coverings, framed and breaker rubbers, cable and footwear



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  • Unit 10, 10th Floor Marjan Tower, Sadeghiye SQ Tehran Iran.
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