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Petro CSC

Petro CSC is part of petro Group a bigger holding group, founded in 2002.

This company deals in supplying and trading and manufacturing of different kinds of Petroleum Products,

Petrochemicals , chemicals , oil and gas drilling raw materials and Minerals.

PetroCSC has over 15 years of brilliant background in the field of international trade , manufacture and is

fully operative in Africa and Asia.

PetroCSC  is one of the major activists in the area by exporting different commodities to countries such as

Russia  , Iraq , Dubai , Kuwait , Tanzania , India , Vietnam , Serilanka, countries of the CIS, Pakistan, Oman ,

Qatar and UAE, actually this holding cooperates with the largest worldwide manufacturers and genuine

producers in various industries such as Oil, Gas drilling raw materials , Chemicals , Petrochemicals and

mining and has a diverse commodity basket.

Petro CSC



Petro Chemical Supplying Company is a global Group based in Turkey which manufactures and provides chemical and raw material in different cases with deep industrial experiences.

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