Product Description
Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is a nontoxic and tasteless white flocculent powder with stable performance and is easy to dissolve in water. Its aqueous solution is a neutral or alkaline transparent viscous liquid, soluble in other water-soluble adhesives and resins, and insoluble in organic solvents such as ethanol. CMC can be used as binder, thickener, suspending agent, emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer, sizing agent, etc.
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), commonly known as “industrial monosodium glutamate”, is the most widely used and convenient product among cellulose ethers.

Use For :

1.CMC for Oil Drilling: It can increase viscosity and reduce water loss in drilling fluid, cementing fluid and fracturing fluid. It also plays the role of protecting the wall of well, taking drilling trifles, protecting drilling bit, preventing mud loss and increasing drilling rate.

*Usage: add to mud directly or glue solution preparation.

*Addition: 0.1-0.3% in fresh water mud; 0.5-0.8% in salt water mud.

2.CMC Ceramic Grade: It’s used for ceramic embryo, glazing pulp and colored glaze in ceramic industry.

* Addition:0.03%-0.2% used in ceramic embryo; 0.05-0.2% used in glazing pulp; 1.4-4.0% used in colored glaze.

3. CMC Paper Grade: It’s used in making pulp so as to improve the retention rate and increase humidity and strength; when used in surface sizing, CMC can improve internal adhesion, decrease printing dust and enhance printing quality as molding reagent. In paper coating, CMC also helps the dispersion and fluidity of paint, improves appearance of paper and smoothness, upgrades optical performance and printing adaptability.

*Addition: 0.3-1.5%.

4. CMC Construction Grade: Used in construction to improve water retention and strength.

5. CMC for other industries: As coagulant, water retaining, thickener and binder, it’s also used in paint, carpet gum, mosquito coil incense, tobacco, electric welding, textile, battery, printing and others

CMC In Ceramic Industry

Ceramics CMC Model: C0492 C1002 C1592

In the ceramic industry, CMC is used as the excipient, plasticizer and reinforcer of the perform body. Used in the ground coat and cover coat of ceramic, CMC can make the glaze body in a state of stable dispersion. In printing glaze, its main performances are thickening, adhesion and dispersion functions.

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