Effective Use

Our calcium chloride is suitable for effective use in the following processes:
1. Calcium chloride use for Waste water treatment – removes fluorides, phosphates, heavy metals and oily wastes from automotive paint shops
2. Calcium chloride use for Waste water treatment – essential for correcting calcium hardness of water especially in swimming pools where it would otherwise cause damages to the pool concrete and deck.
3. Calcium chloride use for Food additive – preservative in packed foods
4. Calcium chloride use for Refrigerant – solution of CaCl2 essential cooling agent for making packed ice.
5. Calcium chloride use for Road construction – essential for control of dust emissions in road construction
Calcium Chloride is still the Most Effective Dust Control Agent.
Calcium chloride can be produced directly from limestone, but large amounts of Calcium chlorides are also produced as a by-product of the Solvay process. Because of its hygroscopic nature, it must be kept in tightly-sealed containers.