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Seminars on chemistry

Seminars on chemistry

The postgraduate department of chemistry at Khalsa College organised a national seminar on recent advances in chemical sciences in which Prof Manoj Kumar, HOD, Chemistry, GNDU, delivered the keynote address on ‘Floroscent Molecules with Celebrity Status’.

Prof Kumar introduced the basics of concepts of florescence and its applications in various fields of science and technology.

He explained how wonderfully florescent molecules can act as sensors to many metal ions and how organic gadgets can detect ions at nano and even lower scales.

Prof Kamal K Kapoor from the chemistry department of Jammu University and Prof BS Kaith from National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, also elaborated the diverse topics of chemistry’s application in our daily lives.

In the Inaugural session, Dr MS Batra, HOD, chemistry department, and coordinator of the event, welcomed the scientists and participants from other colleges and institutions.

Meanwhile, the department of food science and technology at the college also organised a seminar on ‘total quality management (TQM) tools in food industry’ in which ISO expert and food quality auditor Dr Rishi Dewan highlighted the new challenges before the food and packaging industry regarding the maintenance of quality control.

Dr Dewan stressed on Punjab which is considered the food basket of India and how the government and private sector need to tie up for improving food quality standards at every stage right from farm to fork. During the interactive session, he spoke about the various types of quality management tools.

Principal Mehal Singh said quality management plays a vital role in food Industry across different stages of food processing and packaging.

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  • Unit 10, 10th Floor Marjan Tower, Sadeghiye SQ Tehran Iran.
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